Les maraichers


Warm Goats Cheese Salad with Honey § Grilled Ham

Normandy's Salad with Camembert and Neufchâtel Cheese, apples and Chitterlings
12.00 €
Nine  Fresh Oysters from our Coasts, Served on Ice
14,50 €
Snails Pan with Leeks and Garlic Cream

Starters from the Gastronomes Menu
9.50 €
Our Own Smoked Salmon served with Warm Toasts
9,50 €
Homemade Duck Liver Paté with Warm Toasts
15.50 €
May be served with a glass of Sauternes (6€)

The Butcher's corner

Traditionnal Roasted 5A's Chitterling Sausage, Beaujolais Sauce
Sliced Breast of Duck Panned with Warm Apples
Cider Sauce

Homesmoked Preserved Leg of Duck, Boiled Potatoes with Parsley
14,50 €
Rib Eye Steak (350gr) Homemade Béarnaise sauce and French Fries
25,50 €
Flamed Beef Filet with White Pepper § Calvados
26,00 €
Main Course from the Menu "Gastronomes"

Beef From and Raised in France
Our Specialities:
White Veal Head, Fresh Herbs, Potatos § Olive Oil dressing
14.50 €
Rib of Beef (For two Persons), Béarnaise Sauce, Homemade French Fries
per pers. 28.00 €
Veal Sweetbread Pot with Fresh Mushrooms and Cream, Preserved Potatos
28.50 €

Les Gastronomes

Starter and Main Course or Main Course and Sweet  : 19,90

*Our Homemade Fish Soup with Garlic Mayonnaise § Croutons
*Six n°3 Oysters From our Coasts served on Ice
*Pork Brawn Terrine, Gribiche Mayonnaise
*Fresh Smoked Salmon Tartar with Chive
*Our Own Smoked Salmon served with Warm Toasts
*Camembert and Apple slices in Warm Pastry, Cider Caramel

Main Course
*Steamed Sea Bream Filet, Homemade Green Risotto

*White Veal Head, Fresh Herb, Potatos § Olive Oil

*Poultry Brochette with Honey and Soy Sauce

*Steamed Mixed Fishes Stew, Cream and Dry White Macon

*Tartar Steak with French Fries and Salad
*Pallock Filet with Cider Cream
*Grilled French Sirloin Steak, Fresh Herbs Butter

*Iced Nougat with Honey and Red Fruits
*Browned Apples Gratin with Calvados
*Artisanal Ice Creams and Sorbets from the Producer
*Floating Island with Custard Cream
*Traditionnal Rice Pudding
*Homemade chocolate Mousse
*Three Chocolate Terrine

Today's fishes

Grilled Fresh Fishes, Seasonal Vegetables, Basil Oil Dressing

Fishes from the Gastronomes Menu
14.50 € 

Meunière or Grilled Large Dover Sole
32.00 €
Poache Turbot Filet, Hollandaise Sauce
Seabass Filet, Steamed Vegetables and Virgin Olice Oil
16.50 €

Local cheeses

Whole Milk Farmhouse Camembert 
6,50 €

 Neufchâtel  From the Producer
6,50 €
Locally Produced Pont l'Eveque


Gourmet Coffee
7,50 €

Soft Warm Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream
(Please order at the start of your Meal) 
7.50 €

Vanilla Creème Brulée
7.50 €

Traditional Ice Creams § Water Ice from the Producer
7,50 €

 Freshly Prepared Fruit Salad
7,50 €

Sweet from the Gastronomes Menu
7,50 €

Vanilla Cream Cheese with Strawberries and Fresh Mint
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